Bath Buddies

Let’s make bath time a splashing fun time!

Bath Books from Globe Publishing are great companions for the children while they are in the bath. The daily ritual becomes more fun and less stressful when the children can play and learn while they bathe.

As part of the LITTLE OWL•LearningCircle, each title focuses on a specific skill that helps the child develop. The books are filled with beautiful images and easily recognizable scenarios for the child that stimulates early development.

Each bath book set comes with a wonderful bath toy of the main character. The bath toy encourages roleplay and will help the child visualize the story, retell it or even create his or her own story. The bath book set also contains 6 foam animals that can be stuck to the bathtub wall or the pages of the book. The foam pieces will delight the child when put into the bath with them and encourage creativity while stimulating motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The bath book set is packaged in a storage net where book, toy and foam pieces can be hung to dry when the bathing time is over.

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