Children never “just” play. By interacting with others and by playing alone, children expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them. And no matter if they are doing a puzzle, building a tower of blocks, playing a board game, reading a book or drawing a picture they are constantly evolving important skills, such as fine motor skills, social skills, artistic skills, language skills and maths skills.

Children simply can’t stop learning while they play – they explore, experiment, analyze, have new experiences and master disciplines all the time.

The Learning Circle

There is nothing more important in the development process of a child than being allowed to play, and at Globe Publishing we regard a playing child as a young scientist at work. To support this, we have developed a concept – the Learning Circle – upon which all our products are based. Some include all the skills while others focus on one specific skill.

Below you can learn more about each skill in the Learning Circle.


The ability to understand oneself, one's own world and limits: Who am I. Include feelings, capabilities, ideas and actions.


The ability to use one's body for all types of activities, to express one's ideas and feelings and acquire body awareness.


The ability to understand others, read their mood, feelings and body language and learn to be part of social groups.


The ability to understand and play with colors and shapes. The child's inherent creativity is in focus here.


The ability to distinguish between rhythm, sounds and tunes and express them.


The ability to understand the concept of numbers, geometry and the language of mathematics.


The ability to think while speaking, use (new) words and develop one's linguistic capacity through rhymes and small stories and through communication with one's immediate surroundings.


The ability to wonder at nature, have a realistic perception of it, know where things come from and how people form part of nature's cycle and their impact on it.

Meaningful Play

Meaningful play lets children learn and gain knowledge by engaging them in play that is both active and interactive instead of having them memorize information. This gives the child multiple ways to engage and find out what best suits their individual way of learning. Along with our Learning Circle, this approach to childhood development ensures that children are stimulated and involved while learning. All our products have meaningful play at their core.