My Little Village-Junior

Our best-selling series, My Little Village, is sold in over 1,5 million copies in more than 40 countries. All the different kits fit together to enhance the learning experience and let the child experiment and tell their own stories.

We have now created a new series: My Little Village – Junior. The concept is the same but the graphic style has changed to a younger and more fresh style. We have changed the content of the book to be fully illustrated and following the LITTLE OWL•LearningCircleTM touching upon all 8 skills. 

Globe Publishing is very serious about the excessive use of plastic in packaging, so with this design we have taken out almost all of the plastic.

9788742553855 - MLVJ - Train station - UK - Box - packed - small
9788742555002 My Little Village- Garage - new cover
New - My Little KINGDOM Junior
New - My Little KINGDOM Junior